Daddy, I want a squirrel. Unlike the two film adaptations and most of the theatrical shows, Mr. Salt later confesses to Wonka that he knows his daughter is "a bit of a frump," and that he doesn't mind admitting it. When I heard he had died I wasn’t shocked, we all know that none of us are getting any younger and we knew it was going to come some day – but it’s still very sad. Veruca is the second Golden Ticket winner and the third child to meet her endgame in the factory. He manages to throw her through a tunnel that leads her to a garbage dump where the Oompa Loompas help her out of the factory. She has a rivalry with Violet due to her also being uber-wealthy. She is portrayed as an immature, over-indulged, and a manipulative young girl who has very rich parents. Veruca's impending doom in the chute is the subject of the novel's poem and the 2005 lyrics, as is the Salts' blame for turning their daughter into a "spoiled brat". He did a signing not that long ago and sent a message to all of us kids, sending his love. See full bio » Spit it out. Mr. Salt looks down the pit for any sign of her and, at the same time, feels guilty for doing the one thing that led to this fate, spoiling her. : Although her spoiled personality is still intact, it’s expressed in a cold, direct, manipulative, egocentric, arrogant, and snobby manner, rather than aggressive and boisterous. It is believed Dahl had given the character the name after a medication in his cabinet called "Verruca Salt. : Veruca Salt Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory I went to say hello to him backstage and he gave me a big hug and said, “Well, I guess Veruca wasn’t such a bad egg”. Veruca's length hair was shorter throughout the 1971 film due to the filmmakers having wires burn out the split ends. Mr. Salt Mrs. Beauregarde Get me one of those squirrels, I want one! She is the second Golden Ticket winner (also she does not actually find it herself), and the third child to meet her endgame in the factory. Julie Dawn Cole (1971 Veruca) had an aversion to chocolate. In the 2013 Sam Mendes London musical, Veruca Salt is a British billionaire's daughter, dressed in a pink ballerina tutu and baby seal fur coat—"clubbed and tickled pink".