The Above-the-line crew is the essential members of your crew that you will need to hire before pre-production can begin. This brings us back to the last section, you need to decide what type of film you are hoping to make, and what type of filming experience you want to have. Locations – Obtaining and gaining permission for locations can be expensive. Unless you are on public-owned land you will need to seek permission. webkitRequestAnimationFrame || msRequestAnimationFrame; - Firstly you need to pay your screenwriter. They also tend to have higher wages than the rest of the crew and need to be hired during early pre-production. You will also need to make sure you have high-quality sound equipment. – The producer can be the highest paid crew member, they are typically the first person to get hired and the last to leave a project. Film crew might be members of unions, they might also have agents or their own daily working rates. Like an army - a film crew marches on its stomach. New Delhi: Unlike other weekends, this Friday will witness unique genres at the box office. A contemporary drama will cost less in production design than a sci-fi. – How many heads are you feeding? Rohit Khaitan`s `Prague`, a psychological drama, will compete with Anubhav Sinha`s `Warning`, which has been described as a survival film. On larger sets hire a professional catering service. –  You will likely need to purchase several hard drives for your film. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ if(imgDefer[i].getAttribute('data-src')) { Film festivals have fees to enter, you might also wish to have key crew and cast attend film premiers. Film & TV 15 Low Budget Movies That Became Huge Hits. If your script requires it several supporting artists may also be needed. this link. Get your FREE copy of the eBook called "astonishingly detailed and useful" by Filmmaker Magazine! © 1998-2020 Zee Media Corporation Ltd (An Essel Group Company), All rights reserved. On larger film sets all expenses will be covered, on low-budgets, you will need to discuss fuel expenses with crew before production. On larger film sets it is the line producer or unit production manager who prepares the film's budget, and to do this they may use film budgeting software such as Movie Magic. These will depend on your budget and scale of your production. The number of screens per film won`t be more than 500-600. – Depending on the scale of your production assistant editors and other post-production personnel such as visual effects editors and colorists may be needed. During post-production the costs will vary depending on genre and if any computer effects are needed. Check out our list of film crew positions, and our corresponding infographic. The film revolves around the lives of architects and their paranormal experiences as they set out to explore Prague. So enough stalling, we're gonna give you what you came for — here are 15 Low Budget Movies That Became Huge Hits. The number of screens per film won`t be more than 500-600. Music composers can be hired as well as sound designers. General Dyer wishes to take over the Kingdom of a rich King, Azad. A typical film production day is 12 hours long, for overtime you will need to pay additional wages. }); Some questions you need to consider are - How are you hoping to fund your film? if (raf) raf(function() { window.setTimeout(loadDeferredStyles, 0); }); Film festivals have fees to enter, you might also wish to have key crew and cast attend film premiers. Executive producer Ishaan Gupta didn`t reveal the budget or the screens but said: "It is a medium budget film.". For low budgets and student films, you will be able to get away with more, especially if you have a small crew. Film crew members might have their own daily working rates and guidelines can be found on union websites. Screenwriter - Firstly you need to pay your screenwriter. Music Composer/Music Rights/Sound Design – Even if your film is low-budget you will need to have permission for all music used. – Set design is often overlooked on indies but can make all the difference on screen. You might be renting, buying or hiring crew with their own equipment. `Warning`, co-produced by Sunil Lulla, has been directed by Gurmmeet Singh and was shot underwater in Fiji. The majority of films are shot out of sequence. .adBottBack { – Depending on your genre you might have a large budget towards make-up. As mentioned production is likely to be the most expensive phase of filmmaking. You might also wish to book your actors in for a few extra days of promotion. window.onload = init; This includes fuel if crew members make long trips back and forth during production. var replacement = document.createElement("div"); If using fake guns and weapons in a public space you will need to inform the local police before you shoot. } 15 The Evil Dead (1981) - $350,000. Some actors will also have their own going daily rates. background: #ececec; Typically, the distribution costs of a film are not included in the budget breakdown. Equipment/Insurance – Film equipment is expensive as such make sure you get the proper insurance needed to cover you if anything breaks. The Road Warrior, 1981), Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985), and the recent Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), making it a classic in cinema history. For low budgets and student films, you will be able to get away with more, especially if you have a small crew. Not to mention that the schedule of a film with a budget will look a lot different from that of a DIY venture. They will also be creating dailies (rushes) for the producer, director and DOP to look over every night. With digital technology, this process has become easier and you can get part of the edit complete even before post-production begins. You may also need to hire out an office space for your post-production team. You will need to reimburse make-up artists for the cost of any specialist make-up (such as fake blood). Typically screenwriters get 2% of the film's production budget, their payment will need to be negotiated before you start work on the film. Shot in 3D, `Warning` also seems to be an equally good option for the viewers. You may also be required to pay for several rehearsal/prep days. Hair and Make-up – Depending on your genre you might have a large budget towards make-up. The editing process will likely take several months even for a low-budget - you will have to discuss the turn over with your editor to have a more clear idea of how long this process will take. $(".backup_picture").error(function(){ Determine how many pages you will be shooting each day, and create a basic shooting schedule. Consider each scene in your film and how much money you be dedicating to set design. Produced by Sinha, it stars young actors Santosh Barmola, Suzana Rodrigues, Varun Sharma, Manjari Phadnis, Jitin Gulati, Sumit Suri and Madhurima Tulii. You will need to find camera, lighting and grip equipment. This comprehensive guide and free, So, you’re planning to make a film. You will need to decide how many prep days you will be paying them for and what their rate will be during post-production where they will supervise the edit. You can find our more detailed advice for breaking down a script here. For low-budgets, you need to have an idea of how much you can afford to pay each actor. Catering – How many heads are you feeding? addStylesNode.parentElement.removeChild(addStylesNode); This list is a list of key crew members you should consider -, Camera Department – Camera assistants, Key Grip, Grip assistants, Continuity, Lighting Department – Gaffer, Lighting assistants, Sound Department - Sound Mixer, Sound assistants, Art Department - Production Designer, Art Director, Art Department assistants, Assistant Directors – 1st AD,  2nd AD, on set Runners, Production Department – Line Producer, Production Manager, Production assistants, Makeup Department – Make-Up Artist, Makeup assistants, Costume Department – Costume Designer, Costume assistants, Additional – special effects supervisors, stunts coordinators, transport, drivers. $(this).attr('src', './images/nopicture.png'); DNA: Images of Prophet Mohammed appear on French government building, DNA: Know what made Kashmir conflict worse, DNA analysis of India's untold war with Pakistan on Kashmir issue, Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Rajasthan Royals by 8 wickets, Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 8 wickets, IPL Masala Unlock: Listen to the full story of the match in baua style, DNA analysis of use of vaccine as tool to get votes, DNA: Watch Non Stop News with Sudhir Chaudhary; October 22, 2020, Chunavi Thali with Syed Shahnawaz Hussain, Deshhit Headlines: Top 10 news stories of the day, PM Narendra Modi speaks on Durga Puja celebrations.