The river looked out of place too...if anything, that should have been a covered bridge ;). It was definitely an entertaining film--one that I think is worth seeing in theaters due to the beautiful cinematography. I guess it makes sense that it looked like Massachusetts. Really loved the movie and found myself tearing up on more than a few occasions. More warm is the reunion with Hank’s older brother Glenn (Vincent D’Onofrio) and younger brother Dale (Jeremy Strong). They (at least to my knowledge, but I don't know Indiana law) would not have a sentencing literally ten seconds after the verdict. The Judge refuses his son’s suggestion for a plea bargain because he does not want to leave a tarnished heritage. Dale is mentally challenged but is very adept with the old-fashioned movie camera that he frequently carries with him. The best part of the movie, by far, was the dynamic between the Palmer family. And it's honestly a very beautiful and raw film about fathers, sons, and brothers. Dickham cross examines. Even more powerful than the trial scenes is one in which the son comes upon the old man taken ill in the bathroom, having just soiled himself. Craig LeMasters and futurist Rita J. It is interesting to see on Metacritic that the critics’ reaction to the film ranges from 100 down to 12, so don’t let your decision about seeing this film be overly influenced by a negative review you might read. There is a surveillance video of the Judge and the victim in a convenience store and a later one of the man walking out and down the road while the Judge drives his car in the opposite direction—then a few minutes later the video shows the car passing by in the direction of the victim. | This is also just a small pet peeve I have about courtroom movies: I understand this was a 'person' story, not a 'justice system' story--but I expected a little more realism when it came to the handling of the legal case in a movie called The Judge. The pacing is pretty slow but then again, this isn't a fast-paced thriller and nor is it supposed to be. This review will appear in the Nov. 2014 issue of Visual Parables along with a set of discussion questions. I wasn't too enthused with the subplot between Hank and Samantha (Vera Farmiga), but it served as a reminder of what Hank left behind when he went off to college and success. Duvall gets a SAG or Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actor. He also meets his former sweetheart Samantha Powell. Best supporting actor nod. Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr.) is a successful defense attorney in Chicago who has been estranged from his family in a small town in Indiana for some time. It felt really long and dragging at some points. King talk about ‘Unstuck: How to Unlock and Activate the Wisdom of Others’, From Michael T. McRay: ‘The stories that might help save us’, From Duncan Newcomer: ‘Do we need another Lincoln?’. Here's how I feel a day later: This was a good/okay movie that could have been a great movie. The first is the whole story with Sam, and more specifically Carla.