They had to see a doctor and get cortisone injections. I have the same problem. I DO NOT give any advice pertaining to dermatology and/or the effects of using WEN.

For about 2 years, it was great. I knew about Wen so I was not going to do that but I did buy a bottle of Renpure cleansing conditioner. And if you can tell by ‘touch,’ then they are not using the product properly. And surgery may not help large areas of baldness.

There are way way to amny people this is happening too. It’s no different than going home and ordering WEN….same cost in many cases. Just shiny shear color over natural color or no color at all – just shine. I’ve heard from others that had the same experience and their hair eventually grew back. I guessed WEN was the cause for my hair being unnaturally dark colored prior to reading this. Most of us won’t even join the lawsuit. But I was telling my husband big patches of hair are falling out.

How did you know? I have several bald spots, which are becoming increasingly more difficult to style “around.”. My hair felt HORRIBLE when it was wet!

After the patient is treated for the thyroid condition, very often the eyebrows just fill right in.

I think it will, but it will take time. Is “Erika” a dermatologist?

They also donate a lot of money to charity and so much more. My favorite is Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment. I had a similar experience……blamed my hair loss on other things and I was horrified that something I spent so much $ on to HELP my fine hair made it fall out in clumps! For example: I wouldn’t have testified on behalf of YAZ about how well it worked for me…with no side effects. My hair still looked pretty bad and I used a lot of the product because supposedly not using enough caused greasiness. God Bless the FDA too for evaluating all the evidence and realizing the definite science/statistical probability behind the cause & effect of Wen-clogged pores and my/our hairloss! Hello Erika, I too used wen for only a month and my beautiful thick ful hair is thin brittle and straggly. That’s why it burns for a few seconds before the numbing sensation starts working. *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I’m at the point of having to get a wig. I couldn’t figure it out, and then, on a hunch, I googled “can wen make my hair fall out?” And here I am, reading all of your experiences. *Many people have confused product reactions and medical conditions when it comes to hair loss/thinning. Here are some things that I did to help save my hair. What does it take to get through to people!! If you haven’t heard of diversion, beware of products that are salon brands being sold in drugstores and super stores! Looking at the ingredients from both bottles, they were different. I think it’s because a conditioning cleanser like Wen or other conditioner does not remove DHT from your scalp the way a soap based or detergent based shampoo does. Just my opinion. Good luck – hope hair grows back. It can’t…it’s a sham.”. People either love this product or hate it. Required fields are marked *. What's the one SUMMER product you can't live without? thank you Ruth. It didnt work the wonders I was anticipating for my half mexcian/african american kiddos with afros. To all the people who believe shampoo is great…beware it happens gradually. DHT is what is believed to cause male pattern baldness and this can happen to women to who are testosterone sensitive. I used wen for about 2 yrs. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Stay away from 2-in-1’s…although the price is tempting. When I stopped, the (thick, sticky wax-like) buildup would slowly come off and lead to the matting and eventually turned into a full blown malassezia nightmare.

Just because there are other people experiencing hair loss that do not use WEN….doesn’t mean that it is caused by the same thing or that the conditions are comparable. It has now been 6 months , cutting my hair short to rid myself of the straw, and my hair has finally started looking healthy again.. Once a cult favorite, Wen cleansing conditioner has racked up a massive number of consumer complaints of hair loss and other adverse reactions. I’m glad you’re hair is growing back! Currently I’m using a premium organic shampoo called Pura d’or for hair loss prevention and Pura d’or healing conditioner. I hope your continue to see positive results and please message or comment with your outcome/progress! After a few months my hair was almost back to normal! So, you think that WEN isn’t the problem because if it were…everyone would be having problems? I was a little worried that maybe aging was doing something. It took a long course of strong antibiotics and oral steroids to do the trick first…then Rogaine 5% foam every night for a year grew my hair back. Very few just saying “it’s alright, no different than any other shampoo”. After two days my hair stopped falling out. Is it because my hair is so awesome?! So sorry to hear – but I think it is chems in water and/or dietary supplements. Also, how our hair changes and the rate at which it goes through those changes varies greatly from one person to another. Anyway, point – Wen is great – have the hair of a 14 year old; get multiple comments every day re my hair – how beautiful/shiny it is – am in late 50s. My hair stylist is amazed at how little ant she has iiiiiii. Interestingly, a lot of people think that their heated tools are to blame. I was unaware of any claims of hair loss. So i got the lovely little box in the mail and used it immediately. I’m just sick reading all these comments…all of us losing our hair because of Wen:-(. Hello. I don’t know what that ingredient is yet, but it’s obviously very harmful. Hopefully I will have more information for everyone soon! My hair began breaking off and eventually this year I have been impacted by at least 30% hair loss.

I hated WEN products years ago, so my opinion about them has nothing to do with this hair loss/hair thinning dispute. Do you use conditioner or any other products? I pray it grows back. I thought I was the only person having this problem. 5 Shampoos for Hair Loss Lisa, that mirrors my experience and my thoughts on the subject. There’s hope though…so many women are having the same experience with WEN shampoo. I will have to have more chemo so I will again lose my hair but I will continue to use the WEN and am confident it will help me regain my hair quickly and safely. YES…I do see growth…but it will be slow…I have to be patient…maybe by the summer it will thicken up….I hope this helps…keep your chin up. In particular, deficiencies thought to affect hair include those in zinc, amino acid L-lysine, B-6, and B-12. I am throwing my grand daughters wen away as well as the canine formula. I can see how some documentaries scare people into thinking that all of these things are bad and we should do everything we can to keep this stuff out of our bodies. You can touch my hair and it breaks. The good book says that a woman’s hair us the crown of her glory. I use no products in my hair. There is a law firm in Los Angeles, Esensten Law (310-273-3090) that is representing people and taking on new clients who have suffered hair loss and other damage from use of the Wen Products. Looks amazing so happy with myself ! There are also risks, including infection or shock that can causes hair to fall out of the transplanted areas. I never realized WEN had wheat. I can tell the minute I touch my clients’ hair. I used Wen for a few days and even though it made my hair look good, I also started noticing a lot of shedding. I wanted to post a follow up to maybe comfort those who have had a similar problem. I received one when I worked at Applebee’s(unpaid after hours work) and one from Bank of America (overcharging of savings account fees). It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Wen, a frying pan, knife, pillow, magic face cream with ….cantaloupe in it, and aching that makes spaghetti from zucchini – all awful. My parents used Suave detangler on the kids when they were little (my siblings are 6-20 years younger than me!) Yes, for many it has caused problems like hair loss, sensitivity, etc. I started using it again this april 2020 and with in 3 weeks my hair started falling out. The second most common cause of hair loss is called telogen effluvium (TE). It is age, but you’ll get your thicker hair back in time. I loved Wen. Thanks! I have been using Wen for 6-7 years now. I’m 60 and letting it gray. I’ve been using WEN for awhile now and a few weeks ago my sister sent me an article about hair loss from it. While we were staying with a friends family for financial reasons, she gifted me a bottle of that exact product, since her mom kept sending it to her. Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Light (for fine/thin hair) I do feel bad for the individuals who have lost big chunks of hair- this condition is usually due to the autoimmune disease Alopecia. It’s because their products are good and they sell themselves….WEN is such a joke and I’d love to know how much Sephora got paid to sell their products! I am devastated! Good luck and check back frequently to get advice from others that are experiencing the same problems that you are! I, of course, also stopped using it on my daughter’s hair as well! I used the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree products and my scalp was back to normal within weeks. Nutrient deficiencies also don’t often require medical treatment beyond supplements, unless the deficiency is caused by an underlying health condition.

I only used Wen three times (every other day) the last week of August of this year, and I quickly noticed massive shedding in the shower and while combing my hair. Topical corticosteroids are also available, but they aren’t necessarily as effective. I asked her if she cut it, or went to the salon. For the first time in my life, my naturally thin hair felt full, thick and healthy. I couldn’t agree more!! Getting ready is the worst part of the day because you are trying to fix hair that is horrifying. I am not sure that these companies are truthful about what the products contain and if their claims about sulfate free, parabean free, no mineral oils, etc. I absolutely loved what Wen did to my hair at first. I also, during this time, developed an itchy scalp like never before and dandruff.. I’ve NEVER had dandruff.. No more! Everything in this post is quoted from the documentation related to the WEN class action lawsuit.