The European Court of Human Rights found that Russia had violated Article 3, Article 5 (1)(f), Article 5 (4) and Article 34 of the European Convention of Human Rights because of the transfer to Tajikistan, arbitrary detention, length of proceedings and the failure to provide a review of the detention. (b) In imposing and enforcing financial obligations on prisoners, governmental authorities, including courts, should consider both the interest served by the imposition of the obligation and the cumulative effect of financial obligations on a prisoner’s successful and law-abiding re-entry. (iii) internal and external oversight of correctional operations. (b) A lockdown of more than one day should be imposed only to restore order; to address an imminent threat of violence, disorder, or serious contagion; or to conduct a comprehensive search of the facility.

(a) A correctional agency should have clear rules of conduct for staff and guidelines for disciplinary sanctions, including progressive sanctions for repeated misconduct involving prisoners. territory. My noble friend Lady Scotland mentioned Sections 8, 17 and 23 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. Ana Gomes declared herself satisfied with the opening of the investigations, but underlined that she had always claimed that a parliamentary inquiry would be necessary. Although  further exploration is required to determine the total number of victims, the report by Open Society Justice Foundation found that at least 136 individuals have been subjected to extraordinary rendition (Singh, 2013, p. 30). An international initiative, expressly involving the United States, to develop a common, truly global strategy to address the terrorist threat which conforms to democracy, human rights and the rule of law. (a) “Force” means offensive or defensive physical contact with a prisoner, including blows, pushes, or defensive holds, whether or not involving batons or other instruments or weapons; discharge of chemical agents; discharge of electronic weaponry; and application of restraints such as handcuffs, chains, irons, strait-jackets, or restraint chairs. Salaries and benefits should be sufficient to attract and retain qualified staff. No health care provider should be permitted to practice in a correctional facility beyond the scope permissible for that individual provider outside of a correctional facility, given the provider’s particular qualifications and licensing. It is not enough to be passive or to be wilfully ignorant.

Over Abduction. (2012) “Extraordinary Rendition: A Challenge For the Rule of Law” In: Salinas de Frias, A. M., Samuel, K. L. H. and N. D. White (Eds.).

(f) Correctional officials should not use a lockdown to substitute for disciplinary sanctions or for reclassification of prisoners.