Microsoft Enterprise Risk Management Framework, The game finally received Olympic sport status in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics, but it was dropped again in the 2008 games. When Is Pride Month 2020, 776 BC - Athletics are part of the first ancient Olympic Games in Greece. Baseball and softball have teamed up to prepare joint bids for their inclusion in 2020 and beyond. Up until this point, the game was being played with varied rules, player positions, and ball sizes. Although softball was later dropped from the 2012 Summer Olympics lineup, the game is still one of the most popular participant sports in the United States and 113 countries have officially joined the International Softball Federation since the organization’s formation in 1952. In 1967, softball was formally recognized as an Olympic sport. 2000 - Triathlon is added to the Olympics in Sydney. The original softball used by the Farragut Boat Club was 16 inches in circumference. Gardner cited wrestling's worldwide popularity and urged a campaign to keep it in the Olympics. 776 BC - Wrestling is part of the first ancient Olympic Games in Greece. "Not all sports are indispensable for the Olympic program, we know that," Rogge told the delegates before the vote. 1952 - Participation rules are changed to allow non-cavalry officers to compete in the Olympics. It should be there. 1992 - Women's judo is added to the Olympics in Barcelona. "At this point, it's time for everybody to man up and support the program.". The last sports removed from the Olympics were baseball and softball, voted out by the IOC in 2005 and off the program since the 2008 Beijing Games. 2016 - After a 112-year hiatus, golf is included at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. Backstroke is added to the swimming events. Last year, the U.S. never got out of regional qualifying as Canada and Cuba represented North America in Athens. There is a fair amount of parity within those regions for baseball — Cuba won three gold medals and the United States and South Korea one each. 1996 - Men's and women's beach volleyball is added to the Olympic Games in Atlanta. So you can't blame Team USA for … 1896-1924 - Tennis is included in the Olympic Games. Synchronized swimming is altered again to include both team and duet competition. The two events are road race and track cycling. "Whether we agree or not, if this is the unanimous position of the 28 international federations, we have to respect that," Rogge said. "I would like to invite the leaders of these sports that will not be included in the program to make their very best efforts during the coming years so as to be able to convince the session that they deserve to come back to the Olympic Games in 2016. The IOC will keep the voting figures secret. 1908 - After a brief hiatus, Greco-Roman wrestling is reinstated in the Olympics. New England Sports Radio, It fits in the Olympics very well, it’s a sport. Pola, których wypełnienie jest wymagane, są oznaczone symbolem *. 1896 - A committee decides that boxing is too dangerous for the modern Olympic Games. They are the first sport, along with baseball, to be eliminated from the Olympics since polo was eliminated in 1936. Stacey Porter, an Australian softball player who played in 2004 and 2008 said in an interview with NBC, “It is a bit funny seeing London splashed across the TV at the moment for us and I think a lot of the girls are only now just starting to realize that we aren’t in the Olympics.”. 1992 - The Olympic Round archery format is established at the Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. "It's the IOC trying to change the Olympics to make it more mainstream and more viewer-friendly instead of sticking to what they founded the Olympics on," Gardner told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Logan, Utah. Squash and karate were nominated but overwhelmingly rejected, The Associated Press reported. Removal from the program can be crippling for smaller sports federations, which rely heavily on Olympic revenues for survival. 1900 - Sailing is added to the Olympics in Paris. 1964 - Men's judo becomes the first Asian sport to be added to the Olympics in Tokyo. Who were some of the best players on each U.S. Olympic baseball team?