Happy Anniversary!! Much appreciated! Kierra Sheard and fiancé Jordan Kelly‘s engagement photos have me ready to see these two get married! Deitrick Haddon Releases New Song “I Can’t Breathe” Tribute To George Floyd, Walgreens & CVS Will Stop Locking Up Beauty Products Aimed At Black Women, President Barack Obama & Michelle Obama Official Portraits Unveiled, Pics! Kierra Sheard Is Getting Married [PHOTOS]. You can watch the full question and answer session in the video below. If I had a reality show, I would have so much drama for you to watch every week. Kierra also portrayed her own mom in the TV movie "The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel. What????!!!! Kierra Sheard and fiancé Jordan Kelly‘s engagement photos have me ready to see these two get married! I was giving so much to a boyfriend expecting him to be as loyal to me as I was to him,” she said. Kierra Sheard and Karen Clark Sheard performing at the 19th Annual Soul Train Music Awards in February 2005 | Photo: Getty Images. And um, I think one of them said that he was in a relationship, or was getting married or he was married. Fortunately for Sheard, she was able to escape that relationship and is now engaged to someone she says is an answer to prayer and makes her happier than her best dreams. • • • • MUA: @itstiaradarling Hair: @koridewight Styling: @sankaraxt Photo by @melbelderjr, A post shared by MEL B. You gotta sing, be cute…. Genevieve Cortese and Jared Padalecki Tied the Knot 10 Years Ago — inside Their Marriage. Yeah, I think marriage is going to change our lives but I think for the good though. He called himself slowing down. I was like, ‘How dare you know that I have an attraction for you and you take this long to say something to me?’. My daughter turned 27 at the end of August, so to celebrate ... Tory Burch by far is one of my favorite female designers. I was so annoyed. Any advice for single women who are still waiting to get engaged? It’s easier said than done but I had to take my focus off whether or not I would be married. She gushed about her husband-to-be being the man of her dreams, and how he is now her reality. Ask me first. Dr. Seuss once said, “You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.“…man, I get it now.

Kierra: We’ve known each other since we were kids. And it was on from there. While celebrating her 33rd birthday, Gospel singer Kierra Sheard got engaged!!!! Her mom married her dad Bishop J. I'm FirstLadyB, and I'm using my digital space to share my faith and blog about entertainment news with a focus on celebrating women in Hollywood who are changing the game on the big and small screen. I don’t want to go back to nothing that I was doing before. God has His way of doing things, and through you, He’s shown me that if I trust Him, all will be well; and OH MY GOD— ALL IS WELL!

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Because there are some insecure women in a marriage and they’re miserable.’ So I was like, I just need to get complete all by myself first. We reported earlier that Kierra Sheard got engaged to Jordan Kelly, a man she’s known since childhood. Jordan: I just want you to be happy that day. Kierra: Why did you do that again? I can’t wait to do life with you! Hang in there.

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And I think, if I hadn’t gone through those experiences, I don’t know if I would know good if it came to me. Just being honest, some of my friends they’ll be like, ‘Can I drink around you? First they did Q&A with fans about their thoughts on marriage, and now they’ve blessed us with engagement photos. You’re everything I’ve always wanted. You think it’s hilarious too. She revealed that her relationship was so bizarre that it could have been a reality TV series. Despite having a close relationship with her, she did not entirely rely on her mom to see how she can portray her best. It will come.

There was no better way to celebrate her engagement but during her birthday, where she was surprised with a gorgeous diamond ring. I love you @mrjordankelly. That’s what it was. Kierra: Yeah, I would be super nervous too. And we appreciate it. We said, ‘I want to be married. Check out some of the more interesting bits and check out the full interview in the video below. A post shared by Kierra Sheard (@kierrasheard) on Jun 20, 2020 at 4:12pm PDT, Follow Jeannie Law on Twitter: @jlawcpFollow Jeannie Law on Facebook: JeannieOMusic. And I’ll have to consult with him about certain moves that I make in my career as he will be—what did Sarah say, ‘Abraham is the lord of her home’ so he’ll be my husband.

You may request that your data not be shared with third parties here: Kierra Sheard of 'The Clark Sisters' Gets Engaged to Boyfriend Jordan Kelly on Her Birthday, Karen Clark Sheard's Look-Alike Daughter Kierra Played Her Mom in 'The Clark Sisters' — Meet Kierra, Jacky Clark Chisholm Is 71 Years Old and a Proud Mom of Three Children, Gospel Group 'The Clark Sisters' Just Made Their Own Lifetime Movie, Mary J Blige of 'Umbrella Academy' Rides Bike in Adorable Childhood Photo, Amanda Salinas Is Married to Jordan Castillo — Inside the 'Little Women: Atlanta' Star's Love Story. Kierra Sheard Is Getting Married [PHOTOS], Watch Karen Clark Sheard & Kierra Sheard Perform at the 2020 BET Awards, Kierra Sheard’s Grandmother, Willie Mae Sheard, Has Passed Away. After calling off their wedding, she worked on herself and did things differently. I’ve done that. Kierra: Why wouldn’t you want me to sing? I absolutely adore them. 1 self-titled album — has already had a tremendous year. Kierra described Jordan Kelly as an answer to prayer and said he makes her happier than her best dreams. I gave God one “Yes” and he blessed me with this woman! I want to have a family.’ So we both have been engaged before. I just couldn’t imagine, I’ve known you for a long time so I just couldn’t imagine that it would get to this point. A gentleman by the name of Jordan Kelly, who got down on one knee and asked KiKi to be his bride and she said YES!!!! Our spouse is first or something like that. Let me give you some space. Kierra Sheard and fiancé Jordan Kelly's engagement photos have me ready to see these two get married! So it took some time. I used to sit behind her in Bible study, not say nothing to her. I don’t have all the answers but take your time.”. At the time, the actress revealed she was honored to play her own mom in the film. KiKi and Jordan who got engaged last month on her birthday have wasted no time showering us with all their newly engaged couple vibes. I saw my mom be—well, both of them– be devoted to each other.

A gentleman by the name of Jordan Kelly, who got down on one knee and asked KiKi to be his bride and she said YES!!!! Jordan: I was like we moving a little too fast. So, whose the lucky guy?