The 1919 pennant-winning pitching staff was led by a pair of aces and a very promising rookie.

I guess I was too busy thinking about baseball... Love the article Debbie, good stuff! The team's big three included Hod Eller (20–9, 2.39), Dutch Ruether (19–6, 1.82) and Slim Sallee (21–7, 2.06), all among the league leaders in various categories. The 1919 World Series matched the American League champion Chicago White Sox against the National League champion Cincinnati Reds.

They had finished no higher than third since 1900, achieving that much success only twice, in 1904, and in 1918, when even this last placing put them 15½ games back of the league-leading Chicago Cubs. 1951 | 1914 | View 1919 Historical Events in a full screen map. 1923 | The Book: Nick went into town with Gatsby and met one of Gatsby's business partners, Meyer Wolfsheim.Meyer Wolfsheim was also a gambler. Stories of the "Black Sox" scandal have usually included Comiskey in its gallery of subsidiary villains, focusing in particular on his intentions regarding a clause in Cicotte's contract that would have paid Cicotte an additional $10,000 bonus for winning 30 games.

For the majority of my life I was on the other side of the fence, so to speak, hitting rather than cheering (or booing...). A loving relationship can be an oasis in uncertain times, but nurturing it requires attention, honesty, openness, vulnerability, and gratitude. On a better note, 1919 brought the conclusion of World War I with the Treaty of Versailles in June. There is so much movement from team to team that towards the end of my career I was playing against teammates from years ago. Jackson hit the only homer of the Series in the third inning after the Reds had built a 5–0 lead. Rookie pitcher Dickie Kerr, the Game 3 starter for the Sox, was not in on the fix. Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands gave women the right to vote. And that really, we're all playing for the same team-- Humans on Earth. Leadoff hitter Morrie Rath hit a single over the drawn-in infield and Eller scored. 2015 | But wait! The next man up, Larry Kopf, singled to left; Cicotte cut off the throw from Jackson and fumbled the ball, allowing Duncan to score. In contrast to the White Sox, the 1919 Cincinnati Reds were upstarts. In the first, throwing nothing but mediocre fastballs, he gave up four straight one-out hits for three runs before Gleason relieved him with "Big" Bill James, who allowed one of Williams' baserunners to score. The first game began at 3 pm at Cincinnati's Redland Field, with 30,511 fans in the stands and ticket scalpers outside the park raking in at least $50 per ticket. 1931 | However, fans wanted to see the Series and by 1905, Brush had been forced to reverse himself. Hearing him reminisce was priceless and a memory I shall hold forever dear. Copyright 1999- Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? 1943 | Attell was still in no mood to pay up afterwards, but Burns managed to get hold of $10,000 and gave it to Gandil, who distributed it among the conspirators. About 2 days off a month- meaning 2 days without a game. The HMY Iolaire yacht sunk off the coast of Scotland, resulting in the deaths of 201 of the 283 people aboard. It was a decision that would leave him broke, as Chicago scored early—Gandil himself driving in two runs—and Kerr was masterful, holding the Reds to three hits in a 3–0 complete game shutout. In spite of out-hitting the Reds 10 to 4, and in spite of three Reds errors to the White Sox's one, Cincinnati had won the game 4-2. How about any of the other players involved in the scandal? One of the most memorable moments in World Series lore came in 1934, when the Yankees were playing the Chicago Cubs. Towards the end of the year, Britain observed the first Remembrance Day in honor of those who lost their lives during World War I. It nurtures relationships with friends and family. James continued ineffective and, although the Sox rallied in the eighth, the Reds came away with a 10–5 victory for a five-games-to-three Series win. Even catcher Ray Schalk, a typical Deadball Era "good field, no hit" catcher, hit .282 that year, and shortstop Swede Risberg was not an automatic out with his .256 average and 38 runs batted in. Chicago scored early and, for once, it was Cincinnati that made errors in the field. 1987 | In 2003, they won again, joining the New York Mets and the Toronto Blue Jays as the only expansion teams to win two series. 1919 World Series. The very fiber that held the game together was challenged when the news broke a year after the series that a fix was on from the first inning of game. The Black Sox Scandal was a Major League Baseball game-fixing scandal in which eight members of the Chicago White Sox were accused of throwing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money from a gambling syndicate led by Arnold Rothstein, Aiden Clayton and Aaron Nelson.Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis was appointed the first Commissioner of Baseball, with … In fact, Chicago tied the score in the top of the 2nd inning when Joe Jackson reached on a two-base error by shortstop Larry Kopf; Chick Gandil then singled him in. Knuckleballer Eddie Cicotte had become one of the American League's best pitchers after turning 30; he had won 28 games for the 1917 Champions, and after an off-year in 1918, had come back with an outstanding 29-7 record, leading the league in Wins and finishing second in Earned Run Average to the great Walter Johnson, 1.49 to 1.82. It’s a demonstration of perseverance. The conspiracy was the brainchild of White Sox first baseman Arnold "Chick" Gandil and Joseph "Sport" Sullivan, a professional gambler of his acquaintance. Chicago's White Sox were originally slated as heavy favorites, but were later changed to underdogs in favor of the Cincinnati Reds. He was not the only star in a lineup with hardly a weak spot, as former A's superstar leadoff hitter Eddie Collins, one of the greatest second basemen of all time,[4] was still going strong in his early thirties, hitting .319 with a .400 on-base percentage. 1911 | Shoeless Joe had 12 hits overall, a World Series record at that time. The tradition of the World Series has lasted for more than 100 years, during times of world wars, The Great Depression, and prosperity. Baseball has been called “the thinking mans sport” for this reason--because there is so much happening besides the obvious. The very fiber that held the game together was challenged when the news broke a year after the series that a fix was on from the first inning of game. As you can see, 1919 was a very memorable year, and here we are, one hundred years later. 2002 | On October 2, the day of Game 2, the Philadelphia Bulletin published a poem which would quickly prove to be ironic: NL Cincinnati Reds (5) vs. AL Chicago White Sox (3). Cicotte was relieved at that point, but the damage was done and the Reds went on to add three more runs in later innings and win 9–1. The strike was settled later that year but the World Series was not played and thousands of people, from hot dog vendors to sports announcers, lost their jobs because of it. James, who had pitched for three different teams that season, including only five games for Chicago, continued to be ineffective, allowing the Reds to build a 9-1 lead by the 6th inning, when he was replaced by Roy Wilkinson after allowing the first two Reds batters to reach base. Right fielder Nemo Leibold hit .302 with 81 runs scored. Daubert, Greasy Neale, and winning pitcher Ruether all had three hits for the Reds, with Ruether driving in three runs on his way to a complete game six-hitter. We feel uplifted by seeing their grace under pressure. He was backed by Claude "Lefty" Williams, who had posted a 23-11 record with a 2.64 ERA. 1925 | Morrie Rath followed with a ground ball that shortstop Swede Risberg let past him, and the Reds were up 4-0. Cincinnati Reds (96-44, NL) vs. Chicago White Sox (88-52, AL). "Sleepy" Bill Burns and Maharg met with Abe Attell, the former world boxing champ and Rothstein's intermediary, but he withheld the next installment ($20,000) nonetheless to bet on the next game. Some high school data is courtesy David McWater. The Series reverted to Cincinnati for Game 6. And both teams persevered, taking the series into a seventh game— and then into extra innings. But the World Series is still important and meaningful. Knuckleballer Eddie Cicotte had become one of the AL's best pitchers after turning 30 and discovering the "shine ball;" he had won 28 games for the 1917 champions, and after an off-year in 1918 had come back with a hefty 29–7, leading the league in wins and second in earned run average to Washington's veteran "Big Train" Walter Johnson. Risberg hit a one-out single, and Ray Schalk followed with a single of his own. Although most World Series have been of the best-of-seven format, the 1919 World Series was a best-of-nine series (along with 1903, 1920, and 1921). It’s inspiring. The White Sox were back on top of the American League in 1919, finishing with a record of 88-52, 3½ games in front of the Cleveland Indians, who closed out the year on a very strong note after replacing manager Lee Fohl with star outfielder Tris Speaker. The pinnacle of World Series pitching was achieved in 1956, when Don Larsen of the Yankees pitched a perfect game against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Twenty-six-year-old rookie Dickie Kerr started only 17 games, but turned in a solid 13–7 and 2.88. 1992 | 1944 | With one out in the 5th, Cicotte fielded a slow roller, but threw wildly to first for a two-base error. And their recoveries become our recoveries. Apart from the scandal, the series was also important for being the last one of the Deadball Era: the home run played almost no role in the eight games, something that would never be true from that point forward. 1956 | The rest of the team was unheralded, including second baseman Morrie Rath, a .264 hitter with no power but a good on-base percentage, and shortstop Larry Kopf, a .270 singles hitter. The game belonged to Kerr, however, as he pitched a magnificent three-hit complete game shutout to give the White Sox their first victory. Total Zone Rating and initial framework for Wins above Replacement calculations provided by Sean Smith. As in baseball and in life, aren't we all just old teammates? Although they had not received their money, the players were still willing to go through with the fix. It’s a celebration of excellence. The team's big three included Hod Eller (19-9, 2.39), Dutch Ruether (19-6, 1.82) and Slim Sallee (21-7, 2.06), all prominent among the league leaders in various categories.
This important first took 23 days to complete, included six stops, and paved the way for two additional firsts: the first westbound transatlantic flight from Scotland to New York and the first non-stop transatlantic flight. :) I so appreciate your report about what it's like to be inside the fence, and your insights about how in the end, it's just a game, drama, suspense, and all. Apparently untouched by the scandal, the tough lefthander refused to roll over and threw a three hit 3-0 winner to put Chicago back in the race (whether they wanted to be or not).

When I was playing I definitely experienced this "it's getting near the end" feeling on a daily basis as the innings ticked by out by out... 3 hours of the crowd and the energy compacted with that feeling of time running down and ultimate resolve leads to a pretty intense experience-- Still tied after nine innings? Lastly, a fire caused New Orleans’ landmark, the French Opera House, to burn down. However, all was not well in the White Sox camp. In general, baseball is bigger and deeper than it appears. Rookie Dickie Kerr, started Game 3 for the White Sox at Comiskey Park, facing veteran Ray Fisher for the Reds. Little-used back-up Byrd Lynn had to come into the game, and Pat Duncan followed with a sacrifice fly scoring Roush for a 4-0 Reds lead. To this day participants in the Black Sox conspiracy have been denied entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame.