It’d be odd if Shanks didn’t scar him too. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Furinji Saiga. Wano is a closed country where no information from the outside is allowed to creep in, we even see Kaido enforcing this. Also taking into account the value of Shusui to the people of Wano, I don’t think they’re beyond lies and deception. I don't think there's any luck involved with this. If we read the aspects of the arc, we’ll see glimpses of this mentality. This is the same concept here; Whitebeard, Roger, Big Mom and possibly decades worth of individuals we’re unaware of who were extremely powerful. But I also doubt it had any effect on him just because he punched for an hour while holing it. Luffy Refuses To Give Nidai Kitetsu To Zoro || One Piece - Duration: 3:57. Big Mom is currently in a 1 on 1 with him; I highly doubt she’s losing. [OP QUIZ] Can you name the Pirate Crew by their Jolly Roger? At the very least, it’s probably an evenly matched bout. The black sword is the greatest in the world. So the point of having a legendary sword doesn't make sense now. If anything I'm dissapointed by the Ryuuma/Shusui plot.... Sandai gets broken in Act 3 Nidai replaces it and breaks in the final battle against Kaido and then they get fused together and reforged into Yondai Kitetsu. For more information please refer to the documentation. I also forgot about that. Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these female characters? Not even misbehavior. But breaking, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. The Kitetsu swords are not the only cursed swords in the world, as it was revealed that … [OP QUIZ] How Well Do You Know One Piece? Everyone that ever used those swords was killed. Discussion . It wouldn't be shameful if the swords break while taking down Kaido because the swords were made by the people of Wano and symbolically would be sacrificing themselves for the benefit of the land. We only got mention of it being cursed. Most definitely. we saw that happens to Luffy the frustration that he was not able to land attacks on Katakuri lead him to unlock FS. [OP QUIZ] Test Your Knowledge On Devil Fruits. A closed country would think the world revolves around Wano. [OP QUIZ] Do you know everything about Skypiea Arc? Luffy notes that after the fight that he was unable to break through Kaidou's scales, so regardless of the sword, he admits he's unable to deal enough damage to injure Kaidou. I honestly didn't get the point of introducing NK if Zoro isn't going to use it. I’d imagine Oden is 1 of the people to scar Kaido, but I doubt he’s the only one to do so. The people of Wano will do anything to get it. If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. [OP QUIZ] Which One Piece character he is? [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize the laughter of these characters? Any sword can become the black sword with Haki. [OP QUIZ] Combine Devil Fruits with their respective Users. I don't think Oda would give him two freebies anyway, he probably takes King's sword. For one, Shusui is a National treasure. What better way to swap something of value for something that is perceived to be as valuable? That being said, I always thought the sword would have come back sooner... We know it got confiscated when Luffy was taken to Udon, so I assumed that when Luffy was freed that he would pick it up again or something. For one, Shusui is a National treasure. I know Kaido is an overwhelming force, and I am not trying to downplay anything at all. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these ships? [OP QUIZ] How well do you know Whitebeard Pirates? Pramit Sharma 1,018,754 views. In general, they’re either uninformed or misinformed. I thought he already visited the grave off panel. The people of Wano don’t even know that there are Emperors outside of Wano; this is shown through Luffy asking Hyogoro. 3:57. This has been somewhat of a theme in Wano. I prefer Zoro stick with the Sandai Kitetsu. The moment is getting nearer and nearer but we have already seen Zoro refuse to … I reserve judgement as I can’t make any definitely conclusions, and will wait for more information. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! After that Hitetsu just lets him keep Nidai. I honestly think that fight would have gone the same regardless of the sword. Discussion in 'Ohara Library' started by Furinji Saiga, Sep 16, 2019. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Finally, as to whether Zoro keeps Shusui? Messages: 5,088 Likes Received: 2,898 Trophy Points: 2,233 Joined: Dec 8, 2012. Yeah it definitely should have an effect... Oda wouldn't give it into Luffys hands without it leading to something. It just seems like misdirection after there wasn't even a "Ill take it after I master these two swords". Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. They’ve already tried to steal it, who is to say Hiyori isn’t lying? From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! I know Kaido is an overwhelming force, and I am not trying to downplay anything at all. Do they have any talented sword maker in wano currently? The Kitetsu plot as a whole is done IMO. Even the “in a 1 on 1, always bet on Kaido” is apparently the sentiments of the people of Wano, not the world. Lives up to the whole curse build up, lives up to Zoro constantly wanting to see Nidai when Luffy was running around with it, finally upgrades Zoro's set to 3 Great grades without losing the theme of him carrying a cursed sword, all in one Take a second to look at our. Is there reason for Hiyori to lie? A member of the Five Elders also has a sword with a similar shaped tsuba. We know for a fact that Whitebeard and co. could take on Kaido. No featured entries match the criteria. Does it really make sense that the only scar Kaido received is by Oden? Both Nidai Kitetsu and Sandai Kitetsu have a rounded cross pattée tsuba. Once they get reforged as Yondai Kitetsu they will be a doper grade and never break nor chip, I'm fine with Zoro breaking a sword and receiving an upgrade. Kaido defeating anyone in a 1 on 1 is the common public’s (Wano’s seemingly) perception of Kaido, not the world. They have no knowledge of the outside world. Swords are great. The people of Wano will do anything to get it. They even believe Kaido is a deity when he’s in fact a Pirate. But do you think the Nidai Kitetsu contributed to Luffy’s defeat or to the reason why Luffy was put in a situation where he fought Kaido right off the bat? Again, I’m not saying Hiyori is lying, but maybe there’s more to it than we know and I will elaborate on that now. Wow I forgot all about that thanks. I doubt he does and if he does get Nidai Kitetsu as opposed to Enma, we get this: Does it hold significance? I also have gripe with the fact we know Kaido has been: Yet, Oden is the ONLY one to have scarred Kaido? Welcome to the forums! Nidai Kitetsu and Luffy-dono. Plus it has a light colored sheath and hand guard, like Wado. Why should we be sceptical? Am I saying she’s lying? The Country is clearly oblivious to somethings especially with their superstitious culture. Discussion in 'Ohara Library' started by Furinji Saiga, Sep 16, 2019. They’re ignorant of Kaido not being an actual deity, they think he’s one likely due to their superstitious background when he’s actually a Pirate. Pretty sure King's sword is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too big for Zoro to use. We usually get a feeling of cursed swords, but we got nothing from the Nidai. Press J to jump to the feed. With the appearence of the Nidai Kitetsu at the beginning of Wano we all thought that Zoro would soon trash the Sandai and take a proper sword able to push him to RS Sanji level. The Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 Episode 14 English Subbed FULL HD720p - … ). I've never been hyped for a new sword other than Enma and I genuinely don't understand why people care for them that much. [OP QUIZ] Can you put these characters in the correct camp, Marine or Pirate? Not necessarily, depends on what direction Oda wants to take things in. Nah there's too many swords out here and Zoro needs some doper shit in his own arc. Does it really make sense that the only scar Kaido received is by Oden? Kitetsu literally means "Demon-Splitter". Thank heavens that Luffy Nidai Kitetsu plot is over with. Why Zoro will get Nidai Kitetsu instead of Enma. I think he will use all 3 Kitetsu swords, he got Sandai Kitetsu in Logue Town, he will get Nidai Kitetsu from Wano, ... tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. When Hyogoro meets Luffy, he asks him what family is from because he assumes he’s from Wano. With that said, is it surprising that the people of Wano would be of the mindset that Kaido’s only scar comes from Oden? We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Shanks’ Ultimate Goal is to Stop the Clan of “D.”, Blackbeard’s Multiple Devil Fruits: Cerberus Theory. It’d be like being told Vista is the only one to scar Mihawk when we know full well he had a rivalry with a superior Swordsman in Shanks. Cookies help us deliver our Services. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. No, I’m saying I’m reserving judgement and maintaining scepticism which I feel is appropriate. But do you think the Nidai Kitetsu contributed to Luffy’s defeat or to the reason why Luffy was put in a situation where he fought Kaido right off the bat? Why Zoro will get Nidai Kitetsu instead of Enma, Top 10 Strongest Devil Fruits In One Piece.