That being said, it should provide a more accurate indication of the number of pages a specific word count will be and the number of words per page you type when compared to the general rule of thumb. There’s a Google Chrome extension for this, so it’ll be really helpful if you’re one to use Google Documents often. These are the counters.

It’ll often show you suggestions of words or phrases you might want to replace or remove. The Flesch readability score uses the average length of your sentences and the average number of syllables per word in an equation to calculate your score. Another thing that could affect reading time is readability.

Here on Word Count Tool, we write about writing, and we absolutely love it! Right above the text box, you will see four tabs. The test uses a formula to assign a score to a particular text depending on the number of words, sentences, and syllables in your work. There are approximately 11250 words in 25 pages.

How many pages is 5,000 words? Learn what each tool has to offer, why you need them, and how best to utilize these tools. Character Count Online is a free online character and word counting tool.

Simply go to Tools, click “word count” and then a pop-up will show on screen. Check word count, keyword count, and word frequency with our free online counter.

Short stories can have a rough maximum of 7,500 words.

The next two boxes feature the text’s character count, one putting into account spaces and the other without. Sitemap. You can then improve your text accordingly to avoid future on-page SEO issues. 750 words is approximately 2.7 pages. It’ll show you how many times you’ve mentioned certain keywords in your text. Shorten long phrases by replacing them with something more concise. check word count. There are approximately 900 words in two pages. It’ll underline words in red if it senses spelling errors or wrong use of the word. How many pages is 1,250 words? How many pages is 1,500 words? Check keyword count and word frequency – You’ll get a complete breakdown of all keywords that you’ve used. For these cases, you need to decide which points are crucial for your piece, and which ones you can cut out. There really are instances where we go way beyond the assigned word count, and our piece becomes too long that we lose the reader’s interest. is an online app to analyze texts and check them for plagiarism.

If what you’re working on has a required amount of words, it’s best to know how many words you’ve written so far.

Embed it on your blog or website for free – Provides the visitors of your website with the very same features we’ve just mentioned.

Whether it’s a 500-word essay or a 40,000-word novel, every single word counts. Then site even offer tips to help you reach that desired word count.

People often look at a book and say, “hmm…that’s too long” and miss the opportunity of a new adventure. But there is a general range for each type of text that writers and scholars alike agree. Or maybe you’ve wondered how long a story can go before you can call it a novel?

How many pages is 10,000 words? 7,500 words is approximately 27.4 pages. In the literary world, there are different ways to write a story. This term might be familiar to you, and it is often interchanged with the longer form, novella. If you’re curious, One fear most writers have is accidentally plagiarizing somebody else’s work. Now, you should note that the sentence counter determines a sentence by the presence of an end punctuation.
But this. We can use split() function to count words in string. Other Tools On Word Count Tool. Some tools we suggest you include in your collection are grammar and plagiarism checkers. This way, your readers can easily grasp your concept and also meet the required word count.

Alternatively, copy and paste your text into the space, and your word count will be provided. Click on Tools and then Word count, and voila!

Aside from the helpful tools we have here on Word Count Tool, every writer should be well-equipped with several tools to aid them in their writing. Word counting may be needed when a text is required to stay within certain numbers of words. The actual word count for The Hunger Games is 99,750 and my utility calculates 94,743 words. To the right of that, you will have the sentence count. Aside from our word counter, we also publish many works that talk about word count. The default setting is sentence form wherein the start of each sentence is in uppercase. There are times when it helps to know how many words per page you're writing. How many words are in 50 pages? You can directly type your text into the box. Here on Word Count Tool, our “How Many Pages is [Blank] Words?” will help answer your questions. The pop-up will give you the number of pages, words, characters, and characters excluding spaces. Now, how much can you really write about word count? To avoid getting flagged for plagiarism on Google, make sure to run your work through, word count feature is available on this platform, Microsoft Word is also equipped with its own word counter, piece becomes too long that we lose the reader’s interest, how many words you’ve actually read from your favorite books. And it’ll also show you how many errors you’ve made by category such as punctuation errors or passive voice misuse, etc. Forgot your password (or want to change it).

And with that, there are different lengths as well. Stories that do exceed that, however, are – you guessed it – novels! We have articles that talk about the word count of different texts and books, and even about converting word count to pages.

While it's not possible to take into all these factors when estimating how many words per page there will be for your writing, this calculator can give a more accurate words per page conversion estimate than the typical 250/500 ballpark figure. If you want to see your word count as you write, make sure to click the box beside “display word count while typing,” and a word counter will show at the bottom of your screen. And often, you get so caught up in the story that you don’t even realize the length of what you’ve already read. The lower your score, the more complex your text is. If sometimes we have a hard time filling in the spaces, other times call for a reduction of words.
Above the tabs, you can see five boxes with their respective labels. Novellas are lengthier than novelettes but usually do not exceed 40,000 words.

And how are you supposed to justify your case to an algorithm? If you want to write something for short-term, consider writing a short story or novelette, and piece out a concise plotline you can execute in the appropriate amount of words. A: The Flesch reading ease measures the complexity of a text. You can choose to use its grammar and plagiarism checking services for free. The site features other tools such as the Character Counter, Scrabble Word Finder, Pomodoro Timer, and Mind Map. For general information, the following are calculations using 12-point Arial font, double spaced: How many pages is 500 words? And although one must not be too caught up with the technicalities and quantities, it’s still nice to know the numbers behind the masterpiece. Pretty impressive!

And a lot of the time, groups use this to simultaneously work on a paper together. Well, you’d be surprised!

1,250 words is approximately 4.6 pages. Are there rules that bind what is and what is not in terms of word count? Word Count Tool is a site that, well, gives you the word count for your text. By using these three options to more accurately define your writing, the words per page calculator should provide a better estimate on how many words you need to write to fill a page.

And if so, what are these? We’ve all been there. Well, no, there aren’t really word count police who’ll shake their head for every excess word. Microsoft Word is also equipped with its own word counter. How many pages is 4,000 words? The word count tool is fairly easy to use. This will help you gauge how many more you need to write or if you need to cut out some parts already. A story more than 7,500 words but less than 17,000, on the other hand, is what you call a novelette. This is an especially nice feature to have when writing a speech since you often can’t tell how long it already is until you practice reciting it out loud.

Check the amount of words in any text, a.k.a. Well, don’t worry because there are ways to increase your word count.

Word Count You can also embed this keyword counter tool on your website or blog for free by adding the code at the bottom of this page to the body section of any of your web pages and if you write about a lot of SEO issues then having a word counter frequency tool on your website would be a very helpful tool for your visitors to use. A: Add examples in your points or explain your points more elaborately are quick ways to increase your word count. Learn what each tool has to offer, why you need them, and how best to … How many pages is 7,500 words? For example, instead of saying “is able to” you can go for the simpler “can.” You can also decrease your word count by limiting the use of flowery words. But to put it simply, the higher the Flesch Reading Score, the easier it is to read.