Isolated tendrils of the Black Mist clung to him, trying to overtake the one living thing not yet corrupted. To the dead, he was a savior, but to the living, he was a pariah. When he sets his eyes on a goal, he gets tunnel vision—he wants to just push down a lane with his army. The villagers only saw a disturbed little boy who spoke to people who weren’t there. The Mist Walker take 50% damage from area of effect abilities and monsters. Yorick Abilities. Maiden of the Mist What if he was more like that older style of gravedigger—one who cares for the dead with one hand, but isn't afraid to bring death with his other? ; Abilities. We'll be watching Yorick after this patch as this fix is a significant buff to Omen of Death. Yorick hurls a globule of Mist that deals magic damage, applies a slow, and marks a target. Try to thin out Yorick's minions before you engage him, Mist Walkers will die from a basic attack or a single target spell. Yorick's true potential as a splitpushing demon emerges when he gains access to his ult, Eulogy of the Isles.Even without a decent-sized minion wave, Yorick and the Maiden can form a nigh-unstoppable army of Mist Walkers that'll keep turrets occupied for ages while the … (Other Sterak's/Trinity Force champions in this bonus-ratio-less position are either pretty far ahead of Yorick power-wise or have other builds to lean on.) The Maiden will also automatically raise Walkers from dead enemies. “Just leave him,” said the Mist. While in a 1400-radius of Mourning Mist's mark, the Mist Walker benefits from the ability's  bonus movement speed, and has the ability to dash to marked enemy champions and large monsters, indicated by an exclamation mark over its head. "Mist Walkers are a pretty simple AI. Plague Immunity: Due to handling his pet monkey Ampersand's feces, Yorick developed a resistance to the plague that killed all the other men on the planet. Trapped on the Shadow Isles, his only companions are the rotting corpses and shrieking spirits that he gathers to him. “Let us have him.”. You'll notice that Morgana is getting a specific change to have her be viable in the jungle along buffs to her main roles. When there are three or more graves nearby and Last Rites has been used, Yorick can cast Awakening to raise Mist Walkers from graves. With enemies falling all around him, he'll have plenty of ghoul fuel to convert into more Mist Walkers. Last Rites (Q) Cooldown: 7/6.25/5.5/4.75/4. In ancient China, for example, travelling Buddhist monks would often bring along a Moon Tooth Spade: a double-sided weapon with a shovel-like scoop on one end and a crescent-shaped blade on the other. The Maiden of the Mist benefits from Mourning Mist's  bonus movement speed, and actively seeks to assist Yorick if he is nearby and in combat with an enemy champion. As the Mist wrapped itself around him, Yorick saw it suddenly recoil from the vial at his neck. Recast: Yorick sets The Maiden of the Mist free, allowing her to push the nearest lane until she dies. They were simply lost and needed help finding their way to the beyond. The Maiden has 300/1000/3000 (+70% of maximum Health) Health, deals 0/10/40 magic damage, and raises Mist Walkers from nearby enemy deaths.When Yorick damages the Maiden's target he will deal 3/6/9% of their max Health as bonus magic damage (2 second cooldown).Yorick can free the Maiden reactivating the ability, sending her down the nearest lane. A grave is occasionally created when enemy minions or neutral monsters die near Yorick, and all enemy champions that die near him leave a grave. “He was ours the moment he came ashore.”. It was here, in the story behind the Moon Tooth Spade, that we began to see our opportunity for Yorick. The new story about the cape of souls on his back gave us the perfect explanation for his ability to bring forth Mist Walkers into the world—he just reaches into the mist and yanks out a handful of ghoulies. What image popped into your mind when you read the word "gravedigger?" It’s like you're a shepherd leading sheep.". These Tears of Life represented the monks’ duty to heal the living. Counters include who Yorick Top is Strong or Weak Against. He’s ultimately a character that tests your ability to adapt to predictable AI actions," says Solcrushed.