Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Just last year in 2017, the company plead guilty to a lawsuit that charged them with trafficking essential oils illegally. I like to use essential oils, at this moment I have Lavender and Eucalyptus. Porto zw. Basically, singles are pure oils with just one ingredient. Also, doTERRA also uses an MLM business model (see my review here). You can earn retail profit by selling individual products to customers. I am more interested on the essential oils review. Jerry, Thanks for your review. Or what brand are you using? Please check out this feedback at and Do you have any tips for making money with Young Living? Typically, they sell you Young Living products at a reduced rate and make money off your purchases. Our community is ready to answer. Yeah, they are expensive but high-quality and being very potent I guess that makes them worth it. I don’t like the MLM, at all, but on occasion, I do have friends who are interested in the oils and I will tell them about them. Surprisingly, despite some of the negative hype, the company has a solid 4.5 stars on this site. If the oil is lavender, then the ingredient is only lavender plants, nothing else. In order to get your essential oils for cheaper, you’re going to have to sell them to your friends and family. Young Living Essential Oils has a consumer rating of 2.14 stars from 44 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Regardless, Young Living makes some pretty intense claims about their oils. Required fields are marked *. ... reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. Some can be used for aromatherapy, some can be used in the bath, some can be used in essential oil diffusers as incense. At the end you will get all the pros and cons, so you can decide if this is a company you want to deal with. In the end, they didn't get infected but they got caught. They do have a competitive payment structure and there is some real solid income potential there. While it’s true that they are used in folk medicine, it’s a bit of a gamble trying to openly promote something as medicine. We integrate Internet Marketing with Multi-Level Marketing. During sales you have the opportunity to get a lot of over time. These oils seem to be very good, I love the fact these oils are pure, nowadays you find lots of crap out there. I am just beginning to get into using essential oils. I met a good sponsor. Many of the oils are made by steam-distilling the leaves and flowers of plants before collecting the volatile oils. Personally, I don’t buy into all the organic, though. But, i do like the fact that you state they are good high quality oils, which does make the product seem good to me. Use it topically or put it into boiling water and breathe the vapors. Evidently, still with their "shipping partner". Very informative review with a lot of very useful information. I like the oils just fine but don't need to have the pressure of ordering something every month to get "discounted" shipping ($6) and earn monthly rewards. They are a quality brand which many people do use. That is what I am interested in. It sells for $341 retail on their website. A lot of people buy them because they are so cheap. So, let’s get started and learn more about them. What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Young Living? Nevertheless, there's one particular group of people who are the most suitable to build this Young Living business - Mum with baby! Then all of a sudden, I had two orders shipped. You can diffuse it or vaporize it to help improve the atmosphere of an area. I have yet to know the difference between oils that are cheaply made. Money was available, something definitely not on the ball. Großartige Öle und Produkte, das Preis- Leistungs Verhältnis stimmt. Everything about this experience has been horrible. Yes MLM schemes can be a pain, and stressful trying to get family and friends to make a purchase. There are already lots of blogs and videos out there sharing how different products can help you in different ways. I really believe a lot of people that operate these sites and promote Young Living are in it for the old mighty dollar. A lot of people have been let down by MLM business in the past years. So, is Young Living another MLM scam? Learn The Truth, Max Performer Review 2020: Is It A Scam? This means that anyone can join up with Young Living and sell products, earn bonuses, and get discounts. You don’t have to pay a monthly membership or anything with Young Living. Young Living Essential Oils also ranks 35th among Aromatherapy sites. Young Living was founded back in 1993/1994. I have used several companies like Aura Cacia, Rose Mountain Herb, Edens Garden and feel that Young Living’s essential oils are much better quality. That depends on how hard you work and how many people you recruit. Tea tree essential oil is probably the number one most common oil in the planet. Basically, it's through a process called Distillation. That is why many people consider them to be “the best in the essential oils industry”. Unseriöse Vertriebspraktiken. 94% of all members earn an average of $1 per year. I ordered a few oils on May 24th. Young Living Breathe Again Roll-On From a look around the internet, I have found that people that work with them are actually pretty happy. Some people writing about Young Living reviews may say they have no relationship with YL so they can give you a third-party unbiased review. Usually you can get them for less than half. So my role in my team is just to be the back-end guy managing the internet marketing stuffs. There are a lot of ways to make extra cash so that you have more time at home with your children. Out $200! If you're a mum and you have at least a baby or a child, Young Living is a perfect fir for you. I believe Young Living is the second largest essential oil company in the world right behind doTERRA. Unfortunately the fact that they use a MLM setup is a big turnoff, as with most MLM systems – the products end up being highly overpriced for what they are (and you can find just as effective versions elsewhere). I liked the Dew Drop Diffuser, I will buy one soon.Thank you for your review . I feel the quality of Young Living’s essential oils is the same as many others like Plant Therapy, Bulk Apothecary, Rose Mountain Herbs, etc.