She may want to work to do more with her life than be at home all of the time. So true! Thanks for leaving your comments!

They borrow money so they have two vehicles and a fancy house or live in a major city and have cell phones, Internet, TV, holidays abroad, out to restaurants, etc etc. 11:16- If a family is concerned about providing their children with a religious education, then homeschooling or private school is the answer for them. View Zach Bates’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Bates and Perkins were very keen to live in their own home, so after renting for a few years, they purchased their a house at M&M Title Company Inc. in Clinton, Tennessee. He was elected to be the county’s commissioner and became the youngest person ever to win a county commissioner seat. Being a mom is the best career there is.

I personally have a degree and I want to be a sahm does. If you are married to a man who will not let you work outside the home and he uses religion to tell you you have to stay home then that is not a Godly man.

He …

On January 21, 2014, Zach announced that he was running for mayor of Anderson County in the Republican primary: “I am proposing to run a positive campaign, focusing on how I can benefit the Anderson County mayor’s office.

I agree with you both 12:25 and 7:02. There's nothing wrong with a woman having the means to support herself and her children should the unthinkable happen in the future.
Anon@5:11- The stark reality is, being a stay at home mom is pretty much a temporary job, because kids grow up and leave home (hopefully!) I call it sound and logical thinking. While she doesn't currently have a job advertised on the show or online, she did a lot of volunteer work at her family's local church before the premiere of Bringing Up Bates.

Think of Michelle traveling the whole USA to give speeches and sign books.

I love that I have my education and degree but I want to be home with my son, plus daycare is very expensive.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, groomsman: his sister Erin Bates's wedding to, groomsman: his sister Carlin Bates's wedding to.

Who said she has to be a stay at home mom just because we can assume they are financially stable? I think it's great that Whitney got a job outside the home. I didn’t value the amazing parents I had and drove a wedge in our relationship for many years.

My husband and I are equals in our marriage, we make joint decisions about everything, he helps me and I help him, I would never dream of calling either of us helpmeets! Working as a realtor, it's a lot of evening and weekend hours when buyers are available after work to go look at houses. Denomination "Several people asked me to run, and I said I don't really like the politics of it," he said when asked why he decided to run for office. Zach is a police officer, Lawson is pursuing a music career, I think Nathan helps their dad with the tree business, and seems to be doing lots missions work, and Trace is in college, so I'm not sure what you mean. One of my biggest regrets in life was decisions I made that led me down a road of loneliness, guilt, and heartache.

Considering that Zach has a family to support at such a young age, people are curious about what he does for a living.

My heart goes out to all you Moms in that position. What part of the "world" has impacted Zach/Whitney and John/Alyssa?

SAHM's get a lot of judgment.

He also gave back to society by working at his local fire department when he was still a college student.
In 2012, Zach met Whitney Perkins while she was working as a carhop at a local Sonic.

Bradley was born at 10:12pm at Tennova Healthcare Physicians Regional Medical Center in Knoxville, TN. It's entirely possible (and likely) that she is doing this better HERSELF, not for the money only.

Zachary Gilvin "Zach" Bates is the son of Gil and Kelly Bates. Love the Bates tho!

Don't knock it until you try it. Some mothers are not happy being at home with their children 24/7 and having a job outside the home is of benefit to them and their families. [2], Zach was homeschooled growing up, and raised as an active participant of the Institute in Basic Life Principles and its Advanced Training Institute homeschool curriculum. It's tedious.

He is the older brother of Lawson, Nathan, Trace, Katie, Jackson, Warden, Isaiah, Addallee, Ellie, Callie, Judson, and Jeb Bates, Michaela Keilen, Erin Paine, Alyssa Webster, Tori Smith, Carlin Stewart, and Josie Balka. We sacrifice for our children just as much as all the stay at home mom's.

Fundamentalists Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. How special to see Josie enjoying her new job.

And all of the Bates girls have some college or technical degree. While Zach Bates’ net worth is not known, he does get a regular salary as a police officer.

We also want to visit the church.

Alyssa didn't get a higher education, but her husband and her quickly got a side job cleaning businesses after hours!

Alyssa cleans businesses. Zach is a police officer, Trace is in college, Lawson works on his music and does mission work, Nathan is a flight instructor and also does mission work. Perhaps they rather be SAHMs. And only putting him to bed two nights a week, I envy sahm right now, cause that's watch want.

I’m a nurse but with 4 kids I no longer work. In reply to my daughters do have a choice they dont have a car the dont do restaurants they do have intenet which is needed for their work no sweet heart they dont have a choice. Wishing you all the very best! What Is Zach Bates’ Job? that announcement will be posted tomorrow night/friday morning.